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Madison, Dane county, Wisconsin
Our Family History

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Madison, Dane county, Wisconsin



Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARKER, Bessie Lilian  Abt Mar 1879Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I1085
2 KARN, Clarence E , Sr.  27 Apr 1892Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I787
3 KARN, James E , Jr.  23 Apr 1903Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I789
4 KARN, Vincent F  25 Mar 1896Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I788
5 KARN, William J  13 Jan 1890Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I786
6 KARNE, Vincent E  23 Jan 1859Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I793
7 LANZ, Agnes M  3 Sep 1885Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I791
8 LANZ, Frances W  Abt Oct 1876Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I790
9 LOHR, Cecelia  Abt 1854Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I615
10 LOHR, Charles Henry  11 Apr 1873Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I159
11 LOHR, John C  Abt Sep 1850Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I165
12 LOHR, Joseph F  11 Sep 1862Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I299
13 LOHR, Mary K  Abt 1859Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I297
14 LOHR, Minnie  20 Sep 1870Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I234
15 MUNSELL, Cecelia V  Abt 1893Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I1526
16 MUNSELL, Charles W  Abt 1856Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I648
17 MUNSELL, Grace A  10 Nov 1884Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I1525
18 MUNSELL, Henry  Cal 1858Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I649
19 MUNSELL, Infant  Aft 1858Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I650
20 MUNSELL, James H  27 Apr 1879Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I805
21 MUNSELL, James K  Abt 1846Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I646
22 MUNSELL, Joseph L  Abt 1884Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I1527
23 MUNSELL, Julia  Abt 1852Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I647
24 MUNSELL, Minerva  22 May 1849Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I224
25 MUNSELL, William A  Abt Jun 1875Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I1529
26 NEITZEL, Paul C  13 Oct 1968Madison, Dane county, Wisconsin I1489
27 ROSEN, August F Jr.  12 Jan 1873Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I2974
28 ROSEN, Louis W  11 Jan 1866Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I2972


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ,, Catherine F  15 Nov 1931Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I803
2 BULMAN, Charles M  29 Apr 1931Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I2921
3 BULMAN, Frank  30 Apr 1918Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I2923
4 BULMAN, Jessie H  19 Dec 1922Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I1532
5 DAHLK, Lena  29 Sep 1931Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I2975
6 HASKELL, Gladys Adonna  23 Nov 1952Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I1581
7 KARN, Clarence E , Sr.  23 Feb 1975Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I787
8 KARN, James E , Sr.  24 Mar 1912Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I298
9 KARNE, William H  19 Mar 1894Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I785
10 KESSLER, Wilhemine  Bef 1907Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I1790
11 LEFEBVRE, Elizabeth  14 Feb 1929Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I2976
12 LOHR, Cecelia  Abt 1893Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I615
13 LOHR, Joseph Conrad  17 Jul 1893Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I262
14 LOHR, Mary K  5 Jan 1947Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I297
15 MUNSELL, ,  Bef Jun 1900Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I804
16 MUNSELL, Cecelia V  24 May 1964Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I1526
17 MUNSELL, Grace A  Abt 12 Oct 1968Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I1525
18 MUNSELL, Infant  Bef 1875Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I650
19 MUNSELL, Infant  Bef 1875Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I651
20 MUNSELL, James K  28 Mar 1922Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I646
21 MUNSELL, Joseph L  16 Nov 1929Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I1527
22 MUNSELL, Lucinda  5 Apr 1889Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I1207
23 MUNSELL, William A  18 Jul 1921Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I1529
24 NEFF, Julia Ella  9 May 1890Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I233
25 OHR, Clarissa S  23 Feb 1894Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I792
26 RENNEBOHM, Johanna  20 Jul 1922Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I2968
27 ROSEN, August Sr.  26 Apr 1884Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I2967
28 ROSEN, August F Jr.  13 Feb 1939Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I2974
29 ROSEN, Ida M  23 May 1954Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I2973
30 ROSEN, Louis W  12 Apr 1948Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I2972
31 SCHMITZ, Sophia  20 Jan 1897Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I261


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Book    Person ID 
1 KARNE, William H  1877Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I785
2 LOHR, Joseph Conrad  Abt 1928Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I262


Matches 1 to 50 of 65

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ,, Catherine F  1880Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I803
2 KARN, Clarence E , Sr.  1900Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I787
3 KARN, Clarence E , Sr.  1910Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I787
4 KARN, James E , Sr.  1900Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I298
5 KARN, James E , Jr.  1910Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I789
6 KARN, James E , Sr.  1910Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I298
7 KARN, James E , Jr.  1920Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I789
8 KARN, James E , Jr.  1930Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I789
9 KARN, Vincent F  1900Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I788
10 KARN, Vincent F  1910Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I788
11 KARN, William J  1910Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I786
12 LANZ, Agnes M  1910Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I791
13 LANZ, Emil Charles  1880Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I765
14 LANZ, Frances W  1880Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I790
15 LOHR, Cecelia  1860Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I615
16 LOHR, Cecelia  1870Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I615
17 LOHR, Cecelia  1880Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I615
18 LOHR, Major Frank  1860Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I263
19 LOHR, Major Frank  1880Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I263
20 LOHR, John C  1860Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I165
21 LOHR, John C  1870Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I165
22 LOHR, Joseph Conrad  1860Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I262
23 LOHR, Joseph Conrad  1870Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I262
24 LOHR, Joseph Conrad  1880Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I262
25 LOHR, Joseph F  1870Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I299
26 LOHR, Joseph F  1880Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I299
27 LOHR, Mary K  1860Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I297
28 LOHR, Mary K  1870Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I297
29 LOHR, Mary K  1880Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I297
30 LOHR, Mary K  1900Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I297
31 LOHR, Mary K  1910Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I297
32 LOHR, Mary K  1920Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I297
33 LOHR, Mary K  1930Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I297
34 MUNSELL, Andruss  1850Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I232
35 MUNSELL, Andruss  1860Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I232
36 MUNSELL, Andruss  1870Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I232
37 MUNSELL, Andruss  1880Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I232
38 MUNSELL, Charles W  1860Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I648
39 MUNSELL, Charles W  1870Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I648
40 MUNSELL, Emory L  1850Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I644
41 MUNSELL, Emory L  1860Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I644
42 MUNSELL, Harrison  1850Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I1522
43 MUNSELL, Henry  1860Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I649
44 MUNSELL, Henry  1870Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I649
45 MUNSELL, James K  1850Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I646
46 MUNSELL, James K  1860Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I646
47 MUNSELL, James K  1880Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I646
48 MUNSELL, Julia  1860Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I647
49 MUNSELL, Julia  1870Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I647
50 MUNSELL, Capt. LaFayette  1850Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I1521

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Directory, City or County

Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Directory, City or County    Person ID 
1 LOHR, Joseph Conrad  1858Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I262
2 LOHR, Joseph Conrad  1866Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I262
3 MUNSELL, Joseph L  1902Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I1527
4 ROSEN, Clara  1919Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I2920

Military Service

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 KARN, James E , Sr.  6 Aug 1862Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I298
2 KARN, James E , Sr.  4 Jul 1865Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I298

Newspaper Article

Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Newspaper Article    Person ID 
1 KARN, James E , Sr.  Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I298
2 MACHEEL, Reinhart  30 Oct 1918Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I1904
3 ROSEN, Clara  27 Jun 1927Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I2920
4 ROSEN, Herman  7 Jan 1874Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I2971
5 WIEDMEYER, Walter Frank  20 Aug 2007Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I2728


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID 
1 ALBRECHT, Violet R  26 Mar 2000Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I2548
2 BEAN, Bessie Nora  11 Dec 1985Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I163
3 BULMAN, Jessie H  19 Dec 1922Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I1532
4 FORTUN, Clarence Adolph Sr  7 Dec 1979Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I1731
5 FORTUN, Ivan Peter  20 Jan 1985Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I162
6 LOHR, Joseph Conrad  18 Jul 1893Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I262
7 LOHR, Mary K  6 Jan 1947Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I297
8 LOHR, Mary K  7 Jan 1947Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I297
9 MARSHAK, Eleanor Joan  15 Aug 1987Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I226
10 MUNSELL, William A  19 Jul 1921Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I1529
11 WALKER, Evelyn Dorothy  8 Mar 1994Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I1338


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 LOHR, Major Frank  1870Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I263
2 SORDAHL, T Albon  1949Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin I2151


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARKER / KARNE  26 Sep 1877Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin F404
2 JUDD / MUNSELL  12 Nov 1868Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin F776
3 KARN / LOHR  4 Dec 1888Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin F107
4 LANZ / LOHR  1 Nov 1875Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin F286
5 LOHR / MUNSELL  29 May 1871Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin F61
6 MILLER / LANZ  14 Apr 1920Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin F660
7 MUNSELL / ,  Cal 1872Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin F300
8 MUNSELL / WOODBURN  30 Aug 1849Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin F553
9 ROSEN / DAHLK  11 Jan 1893Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin F1038
10 ROSEN / LEFEBVRE  30 Jun 1897Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin F1039

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