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Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin
Our Family History

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Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BODDEN, Ernest  25 Aug 1860Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I87
2 EWERT, Mathilda  10 Sep 1879Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I1385
3 GREINER, Adelia Louise  12 May 1898Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I106
4 GREINER, Adeline  3 Sep 1894Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I102
5 GREINER, Albert  Apr 1880Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I112
6 GREINER, Albert Joseph Ignatz  21 Jun 1886Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I15
7 GREINER, Alma Louisa  10 Jan 1891Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I62
8 GREINER, Alvin Christian  10 May 1893Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I152
9 GREINER, Alvin Henry  2 Nov 1896Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I104
10 GREINER, Amanda  27 Feb 1889Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I111
11 GREINER, Andrew John  3 Feb 1885Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I113
12 GREINER, Arthur Joseph  20 Aug 1891Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I116
13 GREINER, Caroline  3 Jun 1883Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I127
14 GREINER, Dora Ann  5 Dec 1886Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I114
15 GREINER, Edward Sr  Abt 1855Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I26
16 GREINER, Edward Andrew Jr  24 Oct 1902Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I108
17 GREINER, Eugene L  17 Mar 1922Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I156
18 GREINER, Florence Rose  28 Jul 1900Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I65
19 GREINER, Fredrick  12 Dec 1849Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I25
20 GREINER, Helena Ella  26 Aug 1881Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I110
21 GREINER, Herta Severina  17 Mar 1887Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I96
22 GREINER, Howard Andrew  10 Nov 1911Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I9
23 GREINER, Ida Isabella  28 Mar 1880Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I63
24 GREINER, Isabella Paulina  9 Dec 1888Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I67
25 GREINER, John Armond  1 Aug 1891Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I100
26 GREINER, Josephine  29 Jul 1884Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I66
27 GREINER, Josephine Barbara  28 Jun 1894Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I61
28 GREINER, Katharine  25 Mar 1860Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I614
29 GREINER, Loretta Ida  2 Nov 1896Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I105
30 GREINER, Louise  9 Jun 1877Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I86
31 GREINER, Marcella Maria  14 Jun 1894Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I118
32 GREINER, Maria  6 Mar 1858Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I613
33 GREINER, Martha Ottilia  13 Feb 1897Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I64
34 GREINER, Mary Mathilda  21 Nov 1877Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I68
35 GREINER, Mercedes Amilda  8 Nov 1912Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I155
36 GREINER, Otto  14 Aug 1851Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I19
37 GREINER, Peter Edward  26 Apr 1882Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I55
38 GREINER, Philhomina  12 Dec 1883Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I95
39 GREINER, Selma Theresia Selena  16 May 1893Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I119
40 GREINER, Theresa Afra  30 Nov 1875Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I69
41 GREINER, Theresia Ottilia  7 Apr 1889Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I98
42 HEBBRING, Louise  7 Jan 1863Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I27
43 KOLL, Elisebeth  4 May 1865Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I532
44 KOLL, Leo Gabriel  18 Dec 1892Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I56
45 KRINGS, Joseph P  Abt 1859Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I2349
46 KRINGS, William Jacob  4 Jul 1888Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I145
47 MAASKE, Orina  7 Aug 1906Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I1566
48 MACHEEL, Adela  Abt Nov 1898Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I633
49 MACHEEL, August  Abt Mar 1870Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I1321
50 MACHEEL, Bernice  20 Aug 1917Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I306

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ,, Friedericke  11 Oct 1899Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I1432
2 ,, Maria E  17/18 Jan 1892Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1295
3 ,, Sarah Adonna  2 Apr 1951Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I1585
4 BECKER, Albertine F  12 Mar 1902Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I1296
5 BREITAG, Lyla E  25 Aug 1994Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I1459
6 EWERT, Mathilda  6 Aug 1947Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I1385
7 GREINER, Alvin Christian  9 Jun 1893Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I152
8 GREINER, Fredrick  28 Aug 1927Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I25
9 GREINER, Helena Ella  17 Jun 1898Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I110
10 GREINER, Josephine  12 Mar 1893Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I66
11 GREINER, Katharine  2 Feb 1864Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I614
12 GREINER, Maria  26 Jan 1864Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I613
13 GREINER, Otto  29 Jan 1902Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I19
14 GREINER, Peter  19 Nov 1896Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I23
15 HEBBRING, Rosa  6 Apr 1927Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I71
16 HILSENBECK, Theresa  20 Aug 1894Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I24
17 HULL, Anna Barbara  15 Jul 1867Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I468
18 KOLL, Henry  Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I150
19 MACHEEL, August  Bef 1880Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I1321
20 MAIER, Afra  25 Nov 1899Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I22
21 MEYER, Thomas  6 Jun 1874Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I1852
22 MOSER, Lydia Marie  6 Jul 1982Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I16
23 NEITZEL, Elfreida  Abt 1927Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I1484
24 NEITZEL, Kenneth M  20 Sep 1975Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I1465
25 SCHUSTER, Frank Joseph  15 Jul 1873Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I21
26 SCHUSTER, John  15 Aug 1873Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I1851
27 SCHUSTER, Joseph  12 Jun 1873Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I1850
28 SCHUSTER, Sepherina Francis  20 Oct 1909Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I20
29 WEBER, Peter W  Abt 1933Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I147


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ,, Anna Maria  1850Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I1012
2 ,, Emma  1910Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1300
3 ,, Emma  1920Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1300
4 ,, Maria E  1860Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I1295
5 ,, Maria E  1870Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1295
6 ,, Maria E  1880Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1295
7 BECKER, Albertine F  1870Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I1296
8 BECKER, Albertine F  1880Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1296
9 BECKER, Albertine F  1900Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1296
10 DIRKS, Martha  1920Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1437
11 EWERT, Mathilda  1910Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1385
12 EWERT, Mathilda  1920Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1385
13 GREINER, Fredrick  1850Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I25
14 GREINER, Otto  1900Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I19
15 GREINER, Peter  1850Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I23
16 HILSENBECK, Joseph  1850Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I1954
17 HILSENBECK, Joseph  1850Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I1011
18 HILSENBECK, Margaret  1850Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I1955
19 HILSENBECK, Theresa  1850Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I24
20 KOEHLER, Ida J  1900Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1388
21 KOEHLER, Ida J  1910Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1388
22 KOEHLER, Ida J  1920Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1388
23 MACHEEL, Dorothea Charolotte  1860Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I592
24 MAIER, Afra  1880Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I22
25 MEYER, Thomas  6 Jun 1860Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I1852
26 MEYER, Thomas  8 Jul 1870Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I1852
27 NEITZEL, Anna  1900Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1299
28 NEITZEL, Anna  1910Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1299
29 NEITZEL, August Reinhold  1880Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1298
30 NEITZEL, August Reinhold  1900Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1298
31 NEITZEL, August Reinhold  1910Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1298
32 NEITZEL, August Reinhold  1920Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1298
33 NEITZEL, Carl  1860Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I1294
34 NEITZEL, Carl  1870Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1294
35 NEITZEL, Carl  1880Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1294
36 NEITZEL, Emilie  1880Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I8
37 NEITZEL, Ernest John  1900Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1389
38 NEITZEL, Ernest John  1910Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1389
39 NEITZEL, Ernest John  1920Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1389
40 NEITZEL, Henry R  1900Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1293
41 NEITZEL, Henry R  1910Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1293
42 NEITZEL, Henry R  1920Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1293
43 NEITZEL, Herman Sr  1860Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I1291
44 NEITZEL, Herman Jr  1870Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I1305
45 NEITZEL, Herman Sr  1870Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I1291
46 NEITZEL, Herman Jr  1880Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1305
47 NEITZEL, Herman Sr  1880Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1291
48 NEITZEL, Herman Sr  1900Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1291
49 NEITZEL, Herman Sr  1910Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1291
50 NEITZEL, Herman Sr  1920Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1291

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Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 NEITZEL, Henry R  5 Jun 1917Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1293


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Illness    Person ID 
1 NEITZEL, Henry R  Bef 5 Jun 1917Theresa, Dodge county, Wisconsin I1293


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Miscellaneous    Person ID 
1 GREINER, Otto  Aft 29 Jan 1902Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I19
2 SCHUSTER, Sepherina Francis  Aft 20 Oct 1909Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I20


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID 
1 GREINER, Peter  20 Nov 1896Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I23
2 GREINER, Peter  24 Nov 1896Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I23
3 HILSENBECK, Theresa  30 Aug 1894Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I24


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 GREINER, Peter  1860Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin I23


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GREINER / HEBBRING  25 Jun 1880Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin F13
2 GREINER / HILSENBECK  1 Feb 1848Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin F12
3 LANGENFELD / QUANDT  23 May 1912Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin F672
4 STRUPP / SCHAEFER  30 Sep 1950Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin F829

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